You’re coming to Russia for the first time. What do you expect from the show and Russian audience?

It will be the fourth time. I love this country and we have a lot of devoted fans there.

It’s gonna be fantastic and I’m looking forward to present and perform new songs as well as our “classic” songs to our fans.

Once you’ve told that in web there’s little information about the group because you prefer people not to know everything what you do from the beginning to the end and stay mysterious. Is it still so?

I speak a lot more to the journalist now but not everything is true. I like the idea that only the songs are true. They come from my soul. Cause that’s the most important at the end.

And what about social networks? What do you think about their popularity and people chatting all the time, making videos and pictures during the concert instead of enjoying?

If they enjoy making video that’s fine for me. I love when people enjoy themselves, no matter what they do to achieve that. Social network are good to create stories and history.

Back to music: you want to build a pop-empire with no style borders. Is it possible in the modern music industry?

I want to be free, with no constraint. My choices are always dictated by my desire of staying free of my decisions. Nowadays, everything is possible as long as you have the inner motivation.

You have the responsibility to not being sucked by the industry. There is always a choice at the end. I have created my own country to get rid of these business rules.

Are all Kadebostany members professional musicians?

Depends what you call a professional musician. You mean they behave professionally? Well it depends on the time of the night. But yes these are top notch musicians selected for their virtuosity and their ability to transmit emotions to the rest of the world.

What inspires you in general?

I’m inspired by your interview right now. In general I try to live as much as I can. Going to theater, concert, opera, everything that is considered “art”. But I must confess that ugly things inspire me equally.

A lot of artists have some “ritual” before going on the stage. Have you got your own?

I put my costume and go onstage always with my left foot. Always.

How do you make the concert set list? Is the order of songs important?

The concert set list is made like an album. It’s prepared before touring. Cause our shows are big production, like a theater piece. And we wanna lead the audience to where we wanna go.

Your shows are really beautiful. Who creates the ideas for background videos and costuming?

We have a powerfull bureau for propaganda and we all work together to create magical shows.

Of course, I need to ask: why the military uniform?

Because we are from the republic of Kadebostany and we wanna invade the world.

Your fans are waiting the next album in 2016, some songs will be presented during Moscow and Saint Petersburg shows. Can you tell something about the tour idea?

Lot of new songs and of course the classic songs that everybody knows. The name of the new tour is “Soldiers of Love”. It will be bigger, brighter and more emotional.